At Daily Squares, we exceed your expectations by creating fresh, inventive and delicious menus. We work with you to conceptualize your vision and to ensure your complete satisfaction, all with a deep appreciation for food and fun that we love to share with everyone we work with.

From private dinners to corporate functions, and cooking classes to in-home kitchen consultations, we pride ourselves in providing you with a tailored experience and our unwavering attention to detail.

We service greater Los Angeles & Orange County. Let us bring our passion, enthusiasm and unique approach to excellence to your next event.


"Words can not express how amazing Daily Squares is. Daneen is such a talented chef and a beautiful person as well. 
She catered my husbands 60th birthday party with 35 people. Her presentation of appetizers was so gorgeously delicious. And the evening was about good food and that's what you want at a party. Good food and good friends 
Her staff was an extension of her. Phenomenal. 
Her dishes are so unique. They have a twist that makes you only want more. 
She is so professional with an amazing energy. 
My friends and I can't wait to have Daneen back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our party a night we will never forget."   ~ Michelle B.

"I have hired Daneen for my annual birthday party dinner party in addition to many other special social functions I have put on and she embodies every attribute associated with what you find in a top notch professional chef. She is punctual, detailed and meticulous in her delivery, and extremely organized with the execution of the entire dinner. When you work with her, her delightful and charming personality wins you over in seconds and she shows you how much effort, commitment and desire she puts forth to make your dinner party a huge success. She cares about her work as if she was cooking for her own family. As for her actual cuisine, one of the most underrated and undiscovered culinary gems we have here in our city. I have told her countless times that if she ever needs a willing tongue to taste anything she is experimenting with, count me in! I consider myself to be a snobby foodie with a demanding palate and even when " whips up a little something" I am on cloud nine and demanding that any and all leftovers are mine to keep. She genuinely loves to cook and you can really taste all the love she puts into her work. For anyone reading this review, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to her culinary magic and you too will soon be more than excited to write a review like this one for her."    ~Bryan F.

"We hired Daneen for a party of 14. She put together a superb event. First, Daneen is a gem of a human being. She is wonderful to work with and makes everything easy. Second, she is an outstanding chef. The meal she prepared for my guests, including hors d'Oeuvres, mains, and desserts, was most delicious. The pairings were great, the tastes both subtle and bold. Third, Daneen has a great eye for making the plate look cookbook perfect. She is wonderful, and I cannot wait for the chance to hire her again."    ~Thomas V.